Claggain Bay, Islay (Mamiya 645, Velvia 50)

Claggain Bay, Islay (Mamiya 645, Velvia 50)

I am a photographer and academic. As of 2016 this site is not really being updated any more as a new website is planned and will be available shortly. You can explore images using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or click these links: landscapes, portraits, projects, events. I’ve recently explored my academic research here, as well as theology, depression and prayer.

There are fuller menus and features (search, tags, archives, Twitter links etc.) on all pages except this one and the gallery pages.

I have an academic website too, with a blog about my research and work in academia.

I support Beyond Words, the UK’s best photographic bookshop – use it or lose it! (No, I don’t earn anything from them, but they are the best!)

Finally, if you’re looking for the Michael Marten who created the ‘Sea Change’ images, that’s not me…