No, I don’t photograph weddings – sorry.  There are plenty of photographers in Edinburgh and around who do, however, and one or two are listed here if they do things other than weddings that I like – and that is meant as a complement!  There are plenty of mediocre wedding photographers, but if a photographer creates beautiful work in other areas, their wedding photography is likely to be great too.  One of the best examples of this that I have come across in the UK is Rob Hudson (he’s in Wales, so not necessarily practical if you’re looking for someone in Edinburgh!) – I really love his personal work (landscapes, portraits etc.) and his wedding photographs are also beautiful.

Although I don’t ‘do’ weddings, I am happy to take photographs for other occasions (e.g. music concerts, family, pregnancy/new babies).  If you are interested in me doing something like this, then please do contact me and we can discuss possible arrangements.  I can show you images from other work I have done, and I am happy to discuss all aspects of this with you.  Please include a telephone number in your email.

I am also open to other commissions.  For example, I have photographed at a film festival, at fashion shows, and also created special one-off images, such as the book cover here.  Please do get in touch about anything like this!

Kevin Scully: Imperfect Mirrors

Kevin Scully: Imperfect Mirrors

Working ‘for free’

It’s important to note that although I have a ‘day job‘ (and incidentally, I’d refuse commissions from my university because of conflict of interest issues) and am not a professional photographer in the sense of someone who earns their living taking photographs, I do generally charge for commissioned work. If you were wondering if I might be able to work for you for free, I would be grateful if you took a few minutes to read this page before contacting me.  Thank you.