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NKWO show, Africa in Motion film festival 2010

NKWO show, Africa in Motion film festival 2010

Almost by chance, in 2010 I found myself becoming involved in event photography.  This is related to a form of photojournalism: there is a lot of preparation, followed by quick reactions, and potentially high levels of stress, all of which comes together to create a different kind of image to ‘normal’ posed model photography or landscape imaging.  Afterwards, turnaround time for the edited images is often minimal, and so long gestation periods to consider edits are out of the question (I normally like to take a long time over edits, sometimes leaving photographs for months and months before I am ready to edit them, so intense time pressure requires a different approach!).

I don’t see event photography as being something I’d want to do frequently, and I certainly don’t want to get involved in covering weddings (the stress!!!), but every now and then I really quite enjoy doing something that’s a little bit different (and I am happy to be contacted about commissions).

More casually, I’ve also started adding some photographs from concerts that I’ve been to.

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