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Wildflowers, North Uist

Wildflowers, North Uist

Landscape photography is where I began my photography – I think in part because it’s easier to approach a landscape with a camera than asking a person if you can point a lens at them!  This is still what I do most of, and it probably does more than anything else to keep me going: there is something almost indescribably wonderful about being out in the landscape, especially when alone, and seeking out something that I can put onto film that reflects what I feel and want to say at that particular moment.

This is not, of course, an automatic process.  Sometimes I’ll spend hours outside somewhere and come home with no usable, interesting or stimulating images, and at other times these things just seem to flow.  This has more to do with me and my moods and my frame of mind than with the landscape, which always, even in the most banal of moments, offers something to the careful and receptive observer.

I continually go through processes of re-sorting all my images, so the image galleries are sparse just now, but once they’re back, it will be clear when going through these images chronologically that my photography is changing – as indeed it should! – and there are images here that might be just a year old that I would no longer want to make today.  I’m very aware that I’m gradually moving towards greater simplicity in my composition, though I don’t always get it quite right.  Nonetheless, the older images here are worth keeping, even if just so that the changes (progression?) can be traced.


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