Peak District

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I have only been to the Peak District a couple of times, but can appreciate why it is so attractive to photographers. I was there in September 2011 for a one-day large format photography workshop, but I hope to return to explore it more thoroughly, rather than when I’m trying to devote my attention to getting a LF camera to focus.

I don’t normally want to focus too much on the techniques and equipment used in image making, but in part I am including these images here because they are my first LF images, even though the first one is not really one that I would normally show as it is here.  I found the workshop day to be really excellent, and look forward to experimenting more with LF cameras…


2 thoughts on “Peak District

  1. Mabel

    I like the second one, and I do love the purple colour band of heather in the first, although it sounds like you’re no so happy with this one.
    I think an ND filter would have enhanced the first, but I daren’t think how much that would cost for a large format camera! Well done with your first lf pics- it all sounds a bit scary to me!

    1. Michael Marten Post author

      I like both actually, but I prefer the second. The first was an attempt to get the two trees on the edge, the single tree in the middle (and middle-distance), and then the line of trees on the distant hill. Unfortunately, the trees in the distance are not really that visible! I did actually use an ND on this, but I was using a spot meter I wasn’t used to for working out exposures, and I think I should have used one that went down another stop or two. The lens was actually rather dinky, and the NDs were just standard Lee filters.

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