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Scotland is my home and I am Scottish more than anything else – and given that I believe all identity is a construction, this might tell you quite a bit about how I see myself.  Although I have Scottish ancestry, I don’t think I had ever been to Scotland as a child: my first encounter with Scotland was when I went to university in Aberdeen (the mid-1980s feels like a long time ago…).  As well as 5-6 years in London, I’ve also lived in Germany and the Middle East in the meantime, but Scotland is the place I return to.

Many landscape photographers are attracted to Scotland, and some even move here in order to increase their opportunities to photograph the landscape.  Scotland, more so than any other part of Britain, contains some of the last significant wildernesses, and it’s good to remind myself of these things sometimes.  Being out on the hills or wandering along a shoreline is the most restful activity I know of (I’m not a great fan of sleeping!), and bring me closer to myself than anything else I do.  This liminality is crucial to my photography – and many of the photographs I have chosen to show here helped me cross or subvert boundaries in the making of them – whether they do that for you, I can’t know.  Although I only photograph for myself, I hope at least some of them do something for you too.


Thank you for looking!

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