Wind power

May 2013

This collection of images and texts is intended to explore our – my? – relationship to wind farms, explicitly seeking to examine wind farms in my own context of Scotland.

I announced my intention to start on this at the beginning of 2013. That is clearly a beginning.

Dun Law in the fog

Dun Law in the fog

However, it has no foreseeable ending. Perhaps that is because I do not conceive of this as a ‘project’ in the sense that many photographers use the term. From the very beginning I have thought of it more as a kind of book. And yet, it is not a book such as I might write in an academic context: such books have clear outlines and plans, even if these may change in the writing. Instead, this will be a journey. I hope that the journey will be recognisable to others, and perhaps even marked by what the musician Hans Keller famously called ‘unpredictable inevitability’ (great art, he wrote, ‘arises where the arbitrary and the predictable are superseded by unpredictable inevitability’).

Therefore, what follows are to be seen as chapters, probably organised chronologically (though this may change). Longer chapters may be broken up into several pages, and there will be the opportunity to make (moderated) comments for each chapter. So let us begin with the first chapters, in which the distinction between windmills and wind turbines becomes clear, at least…

Introduction: Windmills (May 2013)

Chapter 1: “My” wind farm (May 2013)

Chapter 2: Size matters (February 2013)