Stephanie, wild girl

Stephanie, wild girl

I am looking for people willing to model for me in the central Scotland area, mostly for fun, and perhaps for stock photography (see the Wikipedia page about stock photography if you’re not sure what it is). No previous experience of modelling is necessary, but patience and an openness to creative ideas and fun is required! I am interested in a range of different ‘looks’ and ages, and would mostly want you to provide your own clothes etc., in discussion with me. You would be very welcome to invite a friend or partner to accompany you. I am willing to travel, but you could also come to me (I live in Stirlingshire).

Men, don't be shy! :)

Men, don’t be shy! 🙂

And men – don’t be shy, it’s not just women who can model! 🙂

I am offering a small payment (don’t get too excited – I am not earning that much from my photography!), and for your own private use you can choose from EITHER a CD with some images, OR a good quality large print (ca. 8″x10″) from the shoot. I will need you to sign a model release form and allow me to photograph or copy a current form of ID (such as a passport) before taking any photographs of you.

A modern-day Mary Poppins?

A modern-day Mary Poppins?

If you are interested, please contact me (if you could include a telephone number straight away, that would be much appreciated). Alternatively, if you know other people who might be interested, please pass on the link to this page (you can use one of the share tools below).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Important exclusions

Blue dress and fascinator

Blue dress and fascinator

I need to make two important exclusions to this invitation:

  1. at the present time I am not looking to photograph minors, so if you are under 18 please do not get in touch: even with parental/guardian permission, I will not photograph you;
  2. if you are at my university I will not be in a position to engage you as a model, so please do not write to me about this.

Thank you for your understanding on both these issues.

I did say creative ideas...!

I did say creative ideas…!


See this page if you are interested in commissioning me to take photographs of you.